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Folk Development for Wales
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The future of the tradition and the tradition of the future trac is Wales' Folk Development organisation; its rĂ´le to promote and develop the music and dance traditions of Wales - both within Wales and beyond. trac came about through a shared belief in the unique qualities of traditional cultures, an awareness of their continuing relevance to the present, and a passion for sharing what music traditions have to offer. With support from the Arts Council of Wales, trac provides an information service, a free magazine, and this website listing performers, events and contacts. trac is a Registered Charity, No. 1085422 trac's Vision Wales' traditional arts are a cornerstone of social cohesion and an expression of our distinctive history, languages, culture and way of life. Music, song, cerdd dant, dance, and storytelling are part of our birthright. We believe the values inherent in our traditional forms of expression are ties that bind us together; the challenge for the future is to renew these forms of expression in ways that both satisfy the rising generations and honour the preceding ones. trac exists to foster the development of these traditional arts. trac's Mission We will foster the development of Wales's traditional performing arts by: Encouraging opportunities for education, participation and sustainability in handing on the traditions. Facilitating cohesion and interaction between groups and individuals. Identifying areas for further development and initiating solutions. Advocacy on behalf of the Tradition with public bodies and other organisations at local, national and international levels.