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Bar Hire for All Events - Indoor or Outdoor
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At the we have a wealth of experience in providing festival bars to the ever expanding UK festival market. By providing a Professional, Profitable and Accountable service we can generate your festival a huge return with minimal investment.Why choose to provide your festival bar?1 - Our festival bars are designed to not only serve your guests but to blend seamlessly into the look and spirit of the festival.2 - Achieve huge returns through our economies of scale that are enabled by our festival accounts with the UK’s leading breweries.3 - Our experienced team allow us to provide you with an unrivaled and hassle-free service.Whether you are a large UK festival, complex microbrewery or a brand in need of something different our festival division has everything you need to achieve your goal.We can the following services for your festival bar1 - Complete management of your festival bars2 - Fully trained trustworthy staff including personal license holders.3 - Management of stock and cash to maximize your return.4 - Multi pour MDU’s connected to 44,000 pint tanker system5 - Implemented environmental policy to reduce waste and impact on the environment.6 - Large sponsorship deals to increase your return.7 - Up to 75% of profits given back to the festival plus a fully transparent accounting system.