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Doddnaze Music Agency
David Boardman

Started in September 2012 because there’s always space for more live music in people’s lives. I represent the creative who are unusually good at what they do.

We are based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, a town often featured in guides as 'the fourth funkiest town in the world', ‘the lesbian capital of the north’, ‘hippy central’, ‘a great little town for independent shops’ and ‘a bit unusual’ … the truth is out there somewhere.

Doddnaze artists are different – all in their different ways.

They may be bringing laptops into folk songs, performing the songs of Jacques Brel, writing contemporary 'acoustic' songs, re-inventing the country sound or producing psychedelic  garage or railing against the government and global capitalism ... but they all do it very well

And between us we think they're all great in their own ways

I can provide performers for gigs, and festivals as long as you want something a bit different from the usual.

Dave Boardman   01422 844091