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Holistic Health Practitioner at The Relaxation Room
Catherine Hunt

The Relaxation Room is run by owner Catherine Hunt, based in the The Lake District in South Cumbria.  

Catherine attends music and cultural events, taking The Relaxation Room on Tour and coordinates a team of practitioners for the End of the Road Festival each September.  ‘I love taking The Relaxation Room on the road and I annually coordinate the team for the Healing Retreat for End of the Road Festival in September. There is something so rewarding about being able to offer treatments in such different settings.”

Are you looking for someone to coordinate a well-being team for 2014?

This could apply if you are...

- looking to set up a well-being area
- to support a current well-being area
- looking for someone to take over managing a current well-being area

I've put together a proposal outlining what we can offer to give a flavour of the wealth of our experience, and makes reference to the retreat at End of The Road Healing Retreat I've been coordinating for the past 8 years.

Web page - description of End of the Road Healing Retreat - On Location

Online article - on the success of End of the Road Healing Retreat 2013- Reflections

Proposal for Healing Retreat - following this link to our privately published webpage

Any questions, queries or enquiries please contact me via email or phone.

Catherine Hunt
The Relaxation Room

07957 861408