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Fri 22 - Sun 24 May 2015
Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

In just two years we went from a team of dedicated ukulele-playing music enthusiasts to producers of one of the biggest 2 day ukulele events ever to occur in Europe. We hold our festival in Huddersfield because we genuinely believe that it is a nice place to be. We were keen to keep our festival in a town rather than a big city and we hope you will agree that Huddersfield is a great town with loads to offer. We are a not-for-profit festival and we make it a point to offer a wide range of opportunities to experience the best musical talent in the world, to learn new things, to play music, engage with others, and enjoy unexpected moments.

Our festival was built on three key principles: making things, making connections and sharing knowledge. We continue to believe in those ideas.  We also keep expanding the opportunities on offer to include features and activities for an ever wider range of ages and communities. We work closely with our festival partners to try to ensure there truly is something for everyone. We do these things to continue to offer a festival that is, as George Hinchliffe of the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain described, “truly amazing”.

We are excited to continue our work with local businesses to help them bring their wares and skills to the festival. We also continue our quest to consult the widest possible range of ukulele players and festivals around the world as we develop and grow, what we have been told is, “a tremendously fun and unique event”. We have a strong commitment to building something that is meaningful for both the local and wider communities. For that reason, in addition to speaking to ukulele players, the festival team will again work closely with Faceless Arts to engage local community groups, develop audiences, include them in the festival and produce something whose legacy extends beyond the weekend.