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23 June - 3 July 2016
Oxfordshire Science Festival

The festival offers events for young children right through to adults. We are rapidly growing and attracted more than 30000 participants last year.

There are events for professional scientists and people with an interest in science, however most events are aimed at regular people who just want to have fun and perhaps explore a topic that is important to them such as climate change, inheritance, music and sport.

The OSF Vision

To create an internationally renowned Science Festival that synergises science-related organisations across Oxfordshire.

What do we aim to do?

The Oxfordshire Science Festival is a registered charity (number 1151361) that aims to engage and enthuse people about science by offering accessible, creative and relevant activities to the broadest possible range of people, in particular (but not exclusively) by:


  • Providing events that enable the broadest possible group of people to have a better understanding of how science is part of, and impacts on, their everyday life.

  • providing a platform for the many outstanding scientists in Oxfordshire to talk to a diverse audience about what they do, and stimulate interest in their work.

  • facilitating dialogue between scientists and the public

  • providing hands on, interactive science events with broad and lasting impact which will encourage increased public engagement across Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties.

  • Building relationships with other similar science activities to share best practice, ideas and resources.