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Event Medical Suport & Training Specialists
Medics UK
Medical support is one of the most important parts of any organised event. The safety of both spectators and participants is the responsibility of the organisation or venue managers. Medics UK are an established Independent Ambulance Service. We provide event medical cover including: First Aid Staff Advanced First Aiders Emergency Medical Technicians State Registered Paramedics Registered Nurses Primary Care Medics All staff are certified at their accredited skill level from HSE First Aid and Advanced First Aid to IHCD Emergency Medical Technician and IHCD, HPC State Registered Paramedic. We are happy to provide proof of the qualifications held by our members of staff. Valid CRB certificates are held by all of our Emergency Medical Technicians and State Registered Paramedics; a reassuring factor when an event involves children. Medics UK are also fully insured. Medics UK are proud to be registered with the Care Quality Commission and we are a member of the Independent Ambulance Association. Although demand is less, we can also supply nurses and assist in supplying Doctors where required. All Paramedics are Motor Sport Association Registered. As well as event medical cover we also provide complete medical management services including risk assessment and advice for your event. Vehicles: Bicycles ­ Where large crowds are expected and terrain allows Quad ­ Where terrain is rough and access limited Rapid Response Unit ­ a kitted vehicle that can be solo manned 4X4 Enhanced Ambulances, ­ 4x4 vehicle manned by a crew, fully kitted with all trauma immobilisation equipment and capable of carrying a patient short distances equipped to Jockey Club Standards. High Top Ambulance ­ A standard road ambulance, manned by a crew, fully kitted to standard exceeding county vehicles that respond to "999 calls". Allows private treatment of both stretcher and seated patients Medical Trailer, A fully equipped and Heated Mobile Medical Centre. First Aid Tent An additional facility available for events which would benefit from a "fixed" first aid point. Only suitable for use between April and September Our vehicles all contain the same equipment as the NHS County vehicles that respond to 999 calls. They contain full trauma immobilisation equipment; medical gases, a full drug compliment including resuscitation drugs, analgesia and cardiac drugs; advanced airway equipment, defibrillator's and cardiac monitoring equipment. All vehicles contain state of the art communication systems which allow direct contact with our control room and NHS emergency control rooms nationwide to ensure safety and piece of mind. Satellite navigation is also available on all vehicles.