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24 - 27 November 2016
Trip to Birmingham Tradfest
The second Trip to Birmingham TradFest is set to put the UK's newest, distinct and diverse Traditional Irish Music Festival on the map. Staged over a three day weekend in the latter part of November, the festival is held in the Irish Quarter of the city (Digbeth) and will be a colourful celebration of Irish culture, accumulating together sessions, concerts and workshops. The name of the festival is derived from the famous reel written by Sligo flute player Josie McDermott about a trip to the city in the 1960's. 

The festival is to appeal to a variety of different audiences from the city's Irish youth community, right through to the older generations, whilst embracing a diverse range of different cultral backgrounds. The festival plans to draw on widely acclaimed artists from across the UK and Ireland, giving the festival an exciting brand of sounds that will appeal to a variety of people's tastes whether they be rooted to core traditional or whether modern fused traditional takes their fancy. The TradFest will also link up 'the old' and 'the new' up and coming musicians, produced on the Birmingham trad scene. 

One of the ultimate aims of the festival is to colour the soundscape of the Birmingham mainstream and exemplify Traditional music to the Irish dispora and wider communities both here in the city and further across the breadth of the UK. It is hoped that these people will embrace this distinct and audible accent of Ireland, platforming Trad music back to the deafening acendency that it once was in during it's 1980s heyday.

As well as this, the festival is targeting the progression and advancement of the cultural heritage of the Irish community here in Birmingham, strengthening a sense of Irish identity and advancing community cohesion and spirit. The festival will also celebrate the contributions that influential members of the city, both bygone and still present, have made to the upkeep of the traditional values of Ireland and it's music.

The Trip to Birmingham TradFest will allow Trad music to achieve the recognition that it rightfully deserves and popularise it with sustainable intentions in this, the UK's second city.