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Fri 4 - Sun 6 September 2015
The New Fylde Folk And Roots Festival

For the freshest in folk, the most rhythm in roots - The New Fylde Folk'n'Roots Festival 2015, a non-profit making organisation. The committee are local people who aim to keep music live.

All good things come to an end in the end. Mr Alan Bell has decided to retire from directing Fylde Folk Festival after 42 years. As such, the folk festival in it's current guise will end. In its place, and with the blessing and love of Alan and Christine, the new committee are ridiculously excited to announce the inaugural Fylde Folk'n'Roots Festival. 

Now- talk about big shoes to fill. Fylde has been a huge success story and certainly has been one of the longest running festivals in the UK. 

We are going to take all of this work and build on it. After all, we stand on the shoulders of giants. So the dates will be the same. Most of the pub/hotel venues will be the same, and so if you have been to Fylde before it will have that same warm familiar feel that we all know and love.

And along with the traditional folk music will come a broader sense of roots music. Music from the wider world, folk music from different backgrounds. 

In addition to this we are aiming to make the festival much more family friendly. There will be lots for children to do and we aim to make this the last and best weekend of their summer hols (any mum or dad who takes the kids to a festival has got to be pretty cool yeah?)