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27 - 30 May 2016
Elderflower Fields

Elderflower Fields was born in 2012 out of a desire to create a new festival in Sussex which started with families and kids first, and then built the rest of the weekend around them. In our first year we really didn’t know what to expect. Intending to produce a party for a few hundred friends and family, our plans snowballed and before we knew it, we had sold over a thousand tickets. What is more surprising is that everyone loved it! The sun shone, kids played and we danced in the beautiful surroundings of the Bentley estate.
It was so popular that we did it again in 2013 and this time twice as many people came – largely encouraged through word of mouth from the previous year’s customers. We had more kids activities, more music and more delicious local food & drink. And the sun even came back too!
As a small, independent festival, we don’t make any profit and we rely heavily on volunteers and good will. It’s part of what makes Elderflower Fields so special and what allows us to focus on producing an event with families and children at the very core of what we do. Unfortunately it also means that we are stretched thinly. We are working towards building Elderflower Fields to the scale where it can sustain itself as a business and we think we’re very nearly there!

Our Mission

Our ambition for Elderflower Fields is to provide a unique family experience that opens children and their parents minds to new opportunities in sport, music, the arts, the environment and food. We want to get more kids out into the beautiful countryside and inspired by new challenges. We’re committed to remaining independent and offering the very best value festival we can.