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Introducing Festyvent

Festyvent is a white-label (brandable) Event App with a simple to use Content Management System and data collection capability that enables festival and event promoters as well as touring artists to better engage and monetize their audiences before, during and after any kind of festival, event or show.


The Challenge

To remain viable, festival and event organisers need to constantly improve their efficiency and grow their audience numbers. To do so they need hard data to give them insight into how their audience engages with each performance and also any of the surrounding activities. This data is invaluable for targeting the audience with follow up promotions and for planning future festivals. Organisers also need to know where people are going in between performances; the concessions that had the most activity and the optimal locations for everything from the merchandise stand to the toilets and food areas. Currently the only way to get this information is to wait for feedback or have someone walking around and capturing it; which is not the most efficient or accurate way for collecting important information!


Festyvent is the Solution

Festyvent‚Äôs multi-lingual white label event and musician apps are bursting with content and features for fans and audiences to allow them to get the most out of their experiences whilst also capturing 1st party data such as email, gender, age and location as well as the performances and activities they attended. This data can then be used for immediate site optimisation and retargeting during the festival or event and for planning and audience targeting of future events. Monetizing opportunities are further increased through in-app purchases, simplification of merchandise sales and interactive sponsorship capabilities. 


Festyvent Customers

Although still a young company Festyvent has provided its Apps for some key events and artists such as the Country to Country Festival at the O2 Arena, Towersey Festival, Electronic Music Festivals in the UK, Croatia and Tunisia, and local festivals such as Feva Knaresborough and many more.


Visit us at the AFO conference in November to see a demonstration of what we can offer and discuss how we can provide an app for your next festival or event. If you cannot wait, jump over to where you can see a list of our customers and also see how your own app would look by using our simulator.