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Outdoor Event Support Service
Tiger Tea and TTK

Tiger Tea can organise every step of your seminar, conference, roadshow or event from conception to delivery.

Festival and Outdoor Events

Outdoor Event Health & Safety - Tiger Tea provides a well-organised and helpful Health & Safety Management service that supports your vision for your festival or event.
Outdoor Event Support Service - Tiger Tea can provide the extra help you may need for your festival or outdoor event. Site management, market or trader management, office and admin support. We can help.
Outdoor Event Disability Inclusion
Tiger Tea is aware of the wide range of people in our communities who enjoy attending festivals and outdoor events.

Tiger Tea was created in 1999 by Linda Krawecke, a former Manager of a conference and event team in Brighton. As a Conference Manager, Linda saw many occasions when the team needed the extra support of an experienced conference organiser. Yet at the same time, she knew the implications in cost of hiring new personnel : training, salary, computer & office equipment, desk space, another phone line.It was hard to justify those costs for someone who may end up just twiddling their thumbs for the "slow months".
The idea behind Tiger Tea was to create just the kind of outsourced support she was looking for as a Conference Manager: experienced, reliable and flexible personnel who can be there to do the job when needed and then say "Goodbye, and thanks".
At the same time, long time festival attendee Linda noticed that she was looking at the way that the infrastructure of these events was being organized as much as she was watching the performances. Destiny happened! She began taking courses and instruction on the health & safety of outdoor events and NEBOSH certified, Linda looks after the H&S at several outdoor events as well as taking on site management and other responsibilities.