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With headquarters based for over 25 years near the historic Essex town of Maldon, Taylor Construction Plant Ltd occupy a purpose built complex of offices, workshop facilities and warehousing.  With depots in Coventry, Essex, Exeter and Leeds, TCP are able to supply coverage nationwide .

TCP have designed and manufactured their own lighting tower, the award winning Ecolite which uses 80% less fuel than standard lighting towers and is capable of running for up to 170 hours.  The latest development by TCP is the world’s first low energy LED hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting tower; The Ecolite TH2, was a winner in the 2013 Skanksa Supply Chain Green Solution awards.

Taylor Construction Plant Ltd are committed to providing the UK and overseas with innovation and  quality, affording value for money, as well as unique and pioneering products.

Ecolite-TH2 Lighting Tower

The world’s first low energy LED hydrogen fuel cell powered lighting tower, powered by the BOC Hymera fuel cell.
• ZERO exhaust emissions
• ZERO CO2 emissions
• ZERO noise pollution
• ZERO particulate pollution
• ZERO servicing
• ZERO combustion
• ZERO possibility for fuel or earth contamination
• TCP AMOSS safety system
• Operational in enclosed spaces
• Low-energy LED lighting
• Fully autonomous run time between 25 to 750 hours*
• Automated with dusk to dawn auto switching
• Controllable light patterns
• Reduced built environment impact

The Ecolite-TH2 can be used in environmentally sensitive areas where all emissions are to be minimalised.
The Hymera fuel cell produces energy by combining hydrogen with oxygen from the air to create electricity, water and minimal heat. There are no carbon or particulate emissions and as a result the process is virtually silent which is important for work at night or in built up areas. This is the first time fuel cells have been integrated into a low energy, low voltage LED system and using only 150W of energy. This is a ‘first’ for the integration of the BOC Hymera with the latest low energy LED Prismalence lamps bringing the mobile light carbon footprint down to levels we thought were light years away!

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