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Fri 6 - Sun 8 May 2016
Holmfirth Festival of Folk

Holmfirth Festival of Folk is a community run Festival with a variety of music, dance and events. It takes place on the second weekend of May every year, offering a mixture of dance, concerts and sessions in a variety of settings to cater for all tastes. 

There are folk club type events, formal concerts, workshops and less formal performances in virtually every pub, bar and restaurant in Holmfirth and the majority are free! We have always taken pride in the quality and variety of dance performers and street entertainers at Holmfirth and every year it seems to get better.

Holmfirth Festival of Folk grew from the ashes of Holmfirth Folk Festival in 2005 and has become an excellent community based festival which draws in a large local audience in addition to the usual 'folkies' who travel around the country visiting the many folk festivals that take place throughout the year. It is organised by a group of locals who put in lots of time and effort to make it the success that it has become. It depends on the good will of the local people and local businesses and it has become one of the key events in the town. The events take place in the local pubs and on the streets. The vast majority of the events are free although audiences are encouraged to contribute to the collection buckets!