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Bespoke and pre-packed festival kits provider
Pic 'n' Mix Festival Kit
Pic ‘n’ Mix Festival Kit sources, prepares, and distributes high quality bespoke and pre-packed festival survival kits for festival-goers, offering a convenient and customized solution at a reasonable price. We provide an Essentials and VIP pre-packed kit containing festival essential items, and the kits can be adapted and rebranded according to requirements. They include hygiene essentials, festival clothing, footwear, tech gadgets, and fashion and cosmetic accessories.
Already selling well direct to consumers, Pic ‘n’ Mix Festival Kit is now teaming up with and selling to festival organisations, including but not limited to, promoters, ticketing sites and pre-pitched camping providers, who have a great opportunity to upsell festival kits with festival or camping tickets, adding a new revenue stream and value to their existing propositions. This is a win-win opportunity for all involved parties – the festival-goer has all the essential items in advance to enjoy the festival and the promoter, ticket seller, or camping provider can take a revenue share or purchase wholesale. No risk or additional cost.
This is a unique and distinctive offering as we are the only company providing such a solution so why not get in touch?