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MDF & OSB for your Event
Coillte Panel Products

With Medite and SmartPly to our name; with a connection to thousands of hectares of forest; with security of supply and a record of innovation; Coillte Panel products is placed to offer solutions. Medite MDF and SmartPly OSB are highly- regarded and both products are watchwords for quality, choice and innovation.

Whether you're the specifier, architect or end user, we make the product with the variant you need - and it will make the grade.

With constant innovation, our brands are covering more ground than any other on the market. Coillte Panel Products is part of Coillte, the Irish Forestry Company, which owns over 442,000 hectares of FSC certified forest. This parentage is a huge advantage, it means at all stages we can properly control the brands we produce - manufacture, market and support them.