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Complete Event Services Provider
At Eventguard we believe that our holistic approach to eventing is such that we can offer a complete package that could provide you with one or any combination of the following: • Event Stewarding and (SIA Licensed) Event Security Staff • Fire Protection Services (Detectors, Alarms & Extinguishers) and Fire Marshalls • (Chapter 8) Traffic Management Staff • First Aid Responders • First Aid Equipment Supplies • Communications and CCTV Control Room Coordinators • Health & Safety and Risk Management Teams • Training Support (for your teams, e.g. H&S, Fire Safety, Stewarding, First Aid, Manual Handling and Licensing) Many of these are legal requirements, set out by statute or local authority licensing conditions, some of them may for insurance purposes and others are simply for peace of mind and to ensure the safe, effective and efficient running of your event, to enhance the experience your customers and minimise the disruption to other stakeholders.