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AFO General Secretary on BBC Radio Scotland

Members in the North of England and indeed Scotland may be interested to know that on 9 July, AFO General Secretary, Steve Heap was interviewed by Radio Scotland from their Glasgow studios.

Others involved in the discussions on the state of the festival scene were representatives from Queen Mary University and UK Music, amongst others. Discussion revolved around affordable acts, high level fees for artists, boutique festivals, the experience versus the line-up and the general consideration that festivals need more than big headliners.

It’s ok, it’s never caught fire ...

It has been brought to our attention that some members have insurance policies that do not include any use of fire anywhere on their site.  I strongly recommend that you check yours.

For instance:

  • Camp Fires
  • Lantern Parades
  • Torch Light Processions
  • Fireworks
  • Chinese Lanterns (which you really should not be using)
  • Fire eaters and breathers in street performance
  • Barbeques

And there may be more

DATA - European legislation (GDPR)

It looks like the Europeans may be sending us a little bit more regulation before we drop out.

This may not be a bad thing. Read on for more information on the General Data Protection Regulation which seeks to create a harmonised data protection law framework across the EU and aims to give citizens back the control for their personal data whilst imposing strict rules on those hosting and processing the information they have gathered.

Event and festival organisers asked to be vigilant regarding cloned SIA licenses

The following information is sent to event and festival organisers, event security providers and related associations to mitigate the risk caused by unlicensed staff.

The SIA is investigating event security provider LS Armour Security Ltd of Barry, South Wales following allegations that the company supplied unlicensed operatives using fraudulent (cloned) SIA badges at festivals in the United Kingdom. The badges displayed a genuine name and licence number but a photograph of the unlicensed bearer.

Alan Surtees

When Alan told me he was moving Bridgnorth Festival to the site in Shrewsbury, it was his enthusiasm for a new venture that made me and many others think “this is bound for glory and success”.

Always a great supporter of AFO and kind enough to say AFO helped him get on with the challenges of an event on the move and growing, it is with great sadness that this day is marked with his passing.