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Police Charging Review

Update from the Home Office re Police Charging Consultation 6 Nov 2012


As you will be aware, when we held the consultation events in Jul 2012, we intended to launch a public consultation on the issue of police charging before the summer recess. As you will be aware, this did not take place.


Fans to Fund Wychwood Festival?

Wychwood Festival has invited fans to buy shares in the Company using a crowdsourcing platform. Is this the new way to fund your festival?

Press Release Oct 2012:


Boutique family festival engages crowdsourcing platform CrowdCube to sell shares to festival fans and expand its business   

Tribe Festivals Ltd, the rights holders of the hugely popular Wychwood

Do you know what’s covered…? And what’s not?

Not knowing what you are and aren’t covered for can cause headaches for many festivals, but at La Playa we aim to make your insurance policy as transparent as possible. 

Our unique Festival Portfolio policy can be tailored to suit your festival – making sure you have the protection you need, and want.

We have put together some common questions posed by our clients; you may like to compare it against your own policy to make sure it’s the right one for your festival.

Am I covered If…

Festivals wanted to host Music Fellows

The BBC Performing Arts fund has launched the music fellowship scheme that will support individuals through the early stages of their music careers; helping them to establish themselves in the professional world through bespoke placements within existing music organisations.

Rather than awarding grants directly to individuals themselves, they are looking for applications from music companies, organisations, venues and festivals from across the UK to host a Fellow.

Sustainable Food at Festivals

The Good Food for Festivals Guide
Festivals and other events offer a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the best of fresh, delicious and sustainable food.

We understand that while many festivals are keen to improve their ethical credentials, tackling the food being served can be daunting - hence this Good Food for Festivals Guide, published by Sustain in partnership with A Greener Festival. The guide provides practical advice to festival organisers on how to implement positive changes. While the examples in the following pages