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Networking at the Showman's Show


Star Events Group (SEG) and OneBigStar (OBS) are teaming up for this year’s Showmans Show, Newbury Showground, October 17th  and 18th, to create a unique turnkey solution, for event organisers, at the outdoor event industry’s premier showcase.

Leading creative event production company OBS and the UK’s most recognised staging supplier SEG will be co-hosting The Star Bar, stand 194, avenue C.

Huge Boost for Grassroots Live Music

UK Music welcomes the Live Music Act - a huge boost for grassroots live music This morning (March 8th), the Live Music Bill introduced by Lib Dem Peer Tim Clement-Jones and promoted in the Commons by Bath MP Don Foster became law. The Live Music Act means that small venues in England and Wales (under a 200-person capacity) will no longer need local authority permission to host performances of libe amplified music between the hours of 8am - 11pm. There will be no audience limit for performances of unampilfied live music. The legislation is likely to come into force by Autumn 2012.

AFO discount for Green Events Conference

AFO members can get discounted rates on the Green Events & Innovations Conference. The event is on the 7th March 2013 at the ILMC, Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London, 10.00 - 18.00.

With the theme of "saving by reducing", confirmed panels include presentation on food waste and camp site waste, managing waste, the power providers panel and a panel on managing the impact of extreme weather on events.

There will also be workshops on the Greener Festival Awards scheme and

PRS License for Festivals - holds at 3%

After a lengthy consultation process, PRS for Music has announced that there will be no change in its royalty rates for popular music events in the UK. PRS for Music Director of Public Performance Sales Keith Gilbert said “the open consultation was held to evaluate if the current tariff structures were still relevant, and noted that since the company’s last review, the live industry had changed to become more of a professional enterprise and mainstream leisure activity”.

Bringing in an Overseas Act

Many of you will be familiar with the UK Border Agency, run out of the Home Office. Many different rules have been put in place over the last few years regarding the booking and importing of Artists from overseas to your festival. The Arts and Entertainment Taskforce, as part of UK Border Agency, is made up of a group of people from the arts world to discuss the current legislation and any changes that they might like to recommend.

Sprinkle Pixie Dust

You might well book big stars, support acts and unknown names for your festivals in 2011 but to really give that festival feel that makes the difference you need what we call ‘Pixie Dust’.  There is no better place to find this than at ISAN - The Independent Street Arts Network.

ISAN have just launched their new improved outdoor arts website, a great place for spotting new talent, ways of doing it and some good links.

Arthur Turner-Thomas of Tenby

Many musicians and others will remember Tenby Festival, the one where you didn’t get paid.  News is that he is still out there and still talking about running events.  To the best of our knowledge he still owes a considerable amount of money to a variety of people.  Beware any approach from Arthur Turner-Thomas regarding festival and concert events in and around Tenby.

Our friends in Wales are keeping us up to date.