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Purple Guide Updates

This is a brief note to update everyone on the development of the new Purple Guide.

Following some delays over the summer due to the Olympics and Jubilee, work is now well under way to produce the Guide. The Events Industry Forum (EIF)

Festival Industry Jobs Jan 2013

A round up of the industry jobs with January deadlines, including tenders for festival production in Cambridgeshire, marketing, and programming roles:

Role: Marketing and Sales Manager, Mayfest
Deadline: Closes Thursday 10 January 2013
Description:  MAYK is looking for an experienced freelance marketeer to lead on the marketing campaign for Mayfest 2013.  You will have significant experience of running marketing campaigns for festivals and or theatre programmes and will be a confident and imaginative marketer.

The Power Behind Festivals

After 18 months of exploration into the world of temporary power, the Green Festival Alliance (GFA) has created The Power Behind Festivals; a guide to sustainable power at outdoor events. Power lies at the heart of festivals. It also has significant implications for the economic and environmental success of any event. With rising fuel costs and an increasing awareness of sustainability, the industry is asking for more knowledge, understanding, and expertise on sustainable power at festivals.

We know that:

Make your event more sustainable-at no extra cost

Would you let a caterer trade at your event without hygiene training? A risk assessment? Liability insurance?

Of course you wouldn’t, so why let a caterer attend your festival without knowing that they will take due care and attention to ensure that they are not damaging the property, creating unnecessary waste for you to deal with, wasting energy or selling food that has come from unsustainable sources?

Globally the food industry accounts for 1/3 of all CO2 emissions - making sustainable catering a priority for your event can significantly

Festival attendance in decline?

Music festival attendance set for continued decline in 2013?

A recent report by YouGov SixthSense has found that music festival attendance is set for continued decline in 2013. The report reveals that just under a fifth (19%) of UK festival-goers surveyed (i.e. those who have attended at least one music festival in the past) plan on going to a music festival in 2013, while 54% say they won’t be going at all in 2013.

Weather Essential Part of Festival Planning

Increasingly affected by adverse weather, Julie’s Bicycle survey finds UK festivals consider weather now an essential part of planning process

With 57% of festivals claiming weather worse than last year, 77% list extreme conditions as essential part of contingency planning to prevent the loss in ticket and bar sales, and poor audience experience seen this summer.

After starting the year facing a severe drought, the UK’s summer 2012 turned out to be the wettest on record in a century. This summer rainfall was 370.7 mm compared to a typical summer

Hazard Lights - on or off?

HAZOFF is a campaign to stop the use of vehicle hazard lights on event sites.

For years drivers have been told to turn their hazard lights on when entering event sites which means that they cannot indicate which way they intend to turn when driving on site. Hazard lights can also look like a turn signal if only one light can be seen which can lead to confusion or worse. And they are often left on when a vehicle leaves the site. “At hundreds of sites  hazard lights flash pointlessly as vehicles approach traffic marshals who then have to ask the driver which

Police Charging Review

Update from the Home Office re Police Charging Consultation 6 Nov 2012


As you will be aware, when we held the consultation events in Jul 2012, we intended to launch a public consultation on the issue of police charging before the summer recess. As you will be aware, this did not take place.


Fans to Fund Wychwood Festival?

Wychwood Festival has invited fans to buy shares in the Company using a crowdsourcing platform. Is this the new way to fund your festival?

Press Release Oct 2012:


Boutique family festival engages crowdsourcing platform CrowdCube to sell shares to festival fans and expand its business   

Tribe Festivals Ltd, the rights holders of the hugely popular Wychwood

Do you know what’s covered…? And what’s not?

Not knowing what you are and aren’t covered for can cause headaches for many festivals, but at La Playa we aim to make your insurance policy as transparent as possible. 

Our unique Festival Portfolio policy can be tailored to suit your festival – making sure you have the protection you need, and want.

We have put together some common questions posed by our clients; you may like to compare it against your own policy to make sure it’s the right one for your festival.

Am I covered If…