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Do you need Cancellation Insurance?

Are you planning events featuring named artists orspeakers - could you be affected by their travel delays?  
What would be the cost to you if they were unable to appear?
Could you be affected by bad weather?
Loss of power?
Would you need to refund tickets?
Do you rely on key artists whose illness would impact your income streams?
Do you use a ticket seller? They require proof of

Indiana Stage Collapse Reports

Reports into the tragedy at the Indiana State Fair last summer have been published. Follow the link for further information: Recommendations include the following: Entertainment structures should be designed by a licensed design professional with experience in the design and evaluation of temporary entertainment structures with complex loading configurations. Analysis should be performed for the engineered structure and for the establishment of highly specific rigging rules and limitations for its use. For productions that do

Summer Networking

See you in the Bar! Most of us spend much of the Summer at Festivals, and as networking is a key part of AFO, we're looking to start informal AFO meetups at events throughout Summer. Just let us know which festivals you'll be at and we'll add the dates and times of the meetups to the website in June. Don't forget the AFO Ticket Swap scheme where AFO Members can choose to offer complimentary or discounted tickets to other members for festivals, events or workshops. It is a great way to visit other activities and see how other people do it. Looking forward to some interesting discussions!

Funding for Literature Initiatives

 Funding To Support Poetry and Literature Initiatives for Young People

The Clore Duffield Foundation has launched a new £1 million programme to fund poetry and literature initiatives for children and young people across the UK. The programme is due to run from 2011 to 2015 with two funding rounds a year. The programme is open to arts/cultural organisations as well as community groups, schools and libraries. Grants of between £1,000 and £10,000 are available to support participatory learning projects and programmes focused on literature, poetry and

Women Make Music Opens for Applications

Women Make Music Opens for Applications (UK)
The PRS for Music Foundation has announced that its Women Make Music grant scheme is now open for applications. The second year of Women Make Music comes after a successful pilot programme in 2011. Through the programme, financial support of up to £5000 is available to women musicians; and new music in any genre is welcome, from classical, jazz and experimental, to acoustic, electronica and pop.

Temporary Stage Structures

Over the last year there have sadly been collapses of temporary stage structures in the USA and in Europe which have resulted in fatalities and numerous injuries. The reasons why these failures have taken place have not yet been published, although initially wind has been reported as a possible contributory cause. The types of temporary structures which have been involved appear to be similar to those which may be used in the UK. SCOSS has just published an Alert; “Temporary stage structures”, about the possible risks and it is aimed at those who may commission or

Artists or atmosphere?

The above are some of the reasons that are coming across from festival organisers as to why they are successful, or indeed why they are failing. In the current economic climate it would be easy just to blame that situation. But is it perhaps the festival scene is far too big, have we become overwhelmed with alternatives? Can we see the same artists at 10 different festivals each year? How do our customers choose which one to go to? Is it the way we manage the festivals, should we never have started on those dates, in that place? Why do we start them?

HSE - Concern for your Safety

At recent meetings it has been revealed that the Health & Safety Executive have been undertaking inspections of various festival and event sites to check safety of people working at height, working with forklift trucks and cranes, delivering and collecting heavy equipment. In the main, they have declared major events in the last twelve months have been in pretty good order and although they still have some concerns for the safety of people working in the industry, they feel that we take safety very seriously and have come out pretty well.

Networking at the Showman's Show


Star Events Group (SEG) and OneBigStar (OBS) are teaming up for this year’s Showmans Show, Newbury Showground, October 17th  and 18th, to create a unique turnkey solution, for event organisers, at the outdoor event industry’s premier showcase.

Leading creative event production company OBS and the UK’s most recognised staging supplier SEG will be co-hosting The Star Bar, stand 194, avenue C.